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s abouth gay or not gay friends who are in love whit each other the comic. Info link s abouth me and my dog little neigbore boy or little nephew all right i can nott tell much of my personal life butt a couple things can i tell all right so im gay i love piss or watersports sometimes wen i blow job my little cousin or neigbore boy then i go sit on the toilet and let them piss on me jezus i love pee or right the first time i was intresse in piss was wen i was like 5 years old i was on the play ground my dad at his partens for a couple minutes so for no reason i pull my cute little cock out and start pissing wen i was all most done my dad called me and den we leave so afther that i was doing the hole time lets say my dad is at work my brother is away whit friends im alone home is at the store for food so what i did i go in the back yard and start peeing den i wanne see some video.

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