Big Neko No Kurashi – Gegege No Kitarou

“all right all right i'm coming we have so much time the plan will not leave with out us”

finally arriving at the desk my self the lady goes through the documents and finally stating to Nicky that the flight will leave as soon as we are both ready, walkin through the air port and its many vast shop's Nicky get curious and ask me

“what did the lady at the desk mean the flight will leave as soon as we are ready, will we not be on a flight like everybody else”

“all i will tell you at this point that when we arrive home the house will be different and as for the flight you will have to wait and find out”

“aww tell me Rick please, how will the house be different your starting to confuse me now and what is so special about this flight if it is ready when we are instead of every body else”

just simply looking at her and hugging her with a single arm then releasing her. .

Hentai: (C72) [dicca (Suemitsu Jikka)] Neko no kurashi (Gegege no Kitarou)

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(C72) [dicca (すえみつぢっか)]ねこのくらし(ゲゲゲの鬼太郎)

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