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The closer he got the more fearful she became! When he was only several hundred yards away she could plainly see the six foot long war bonnet flowing in the air behind the most powerful looking man she had ever seen in her life! Muscles that looked like they were chiseled from a piece of reddish stone glistened in the sunlight! Holding the reins of a stunningly beautiful palomino in one hand and a long spear in the other he bored down on her with the cloud of dust flying up behind him! She thought about running, but after frantically looking for a place to hide she knew it was hopeless, so with her head held high she threw back her shoulders, closed her eyes, and waited for him to run her through! Instead, however, seconds later she felt a giant hand grab her by the arm and effortlessly pull her backwards onto his stallion so she was facing him! Somehow she had become totally naked, and as she settled down onto his thighs she felt something massive enter her now dripping vagina!

“W-what are you doing to me?!?” she mewled softly while wrapping her legs around his waist. Welcome “You just keeled over and landed in a heap!!!” Her mind was still pretty fuzzy, but she finally asked, “D-did I say anything, I mean how long was I out?!?” “You were just moaning a little,” he answered, “and I’d say you were out only a few minutes.

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