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“jaky when did you get home” i herd Amy say standing at my door

“oh hey sis sorry i got caught up again my but im here now” i replied with a hesitant laugh

“is everything ok jaky i saw the bill and got really worried ”

“hey listen don't worry about that ok ill get the money some how i always do ok so i don't wanting you thinking about it you just focus on school and ill focus on work everything will work it self out i promise” i replied trying to sound as sure as i could about it

“ok jaky and have you eaten yet i could make you a snack maybe” Amy said what did kind of make me smile

“yeah sure sis i wouldn't mind just let me jump in the shower first” and without another word she ran down stairs but then that thought came back into my head about hunger about that bustard's face but more to the point of how do i control it when i needed to this was like a hole new life to me one second everything's routine then the next thing i know im this guy this stranger and that's why i couldn't let anyone else find out about this not sure how anyone would react but i knew i couldn't tell anyone else so i forgot about it grabbed my towel and went for a hot shower to clear my head it was helping at first but then as the water started to run down my body and i closed my eyes my head started to spin first pain forcing its way into my head so intense it forced me on my knees but then i saw it this memory of the asshole i saw these images rush into my head like they were latched onto me i could see his memories burning into my brain untill i saw myself standing there above him my wrist clenched around his neck but then it stopped my head felt clouded with fear at first but then there was something deeper than fear i felt understanding but no regret i could see all the bad fucked up things this asshole had done but how what just happened to me the images were still fried into my brain i stood up breathing heavily trying to catch my breath when i just herd Amy scream the house down

i almost jumped out of my body i ran out of the shower grabbing a towel to rap around me before racing down the stairs and into the kitchen as i burst through the door all i saw was Amy clenching her hand in pain i ran over to her almost having a heart attack ” AMY WHATS WRONG WHAT HAPPEND” i said in a blind panic “arghhh i burnt my hand” she said in pain and scared “Amy let me see how bad it is” but as she moved her hand it was as if some one soaked her hand in gas and lit it “Amy how did this get this” i replied panicking even more “the stove it just went out of control and the flame burnt my hand please jaky it hurts so much” i was so scared and worried i had no idea what to do

“listen we need to get you to the hospital ok they will help” but she was so scared she just put her head on my shoulder and cuddled into me i held my her hand in mine and something inside me changed i held her hand so tight and tried to focus all my energy on her and it worked i could feel some of the life drain from me and into her i looked down and held her head over my shoulder so she wouldn't see and freak out but it was working as the life drained from me and went into her the skin on her hand started to heal untill there was nothing not a scratch but for once i felt happy about this new part of me it helped to keep my sister safe and in the end she's all that matters to me

“calm down ok just breath im sure it looks worse than it is in this light” i tried to convince her but i new she would know something as soon as she looked down and she did when she saw that there was nothing there she almost freaked out

“umm ja. there's nothing there”

“calm down what do you mean there's nothing there” i said trying to sound as clueless as possible

“no jaky this isn't funny what's happening look my hand it” i just looked at her and new i couldn't hide this way not that i could exactly explain it i was on the floor in a towel soaking wet witch made it even harder to think

“look Amy i cant explain it but would you believe me if i told you not to panic and just relax because what just happened i cant explain it ok” i replied sounding even more terrified then when i told Kyle

“but Jake did” but before she could finish i had to interrupted her there was no way i could explain this “hey no buts ok just trust me and calm down please and your tired as it is so go to bed we will talk in the morning” i said trying to calm myself down as well as her

“um ok jaky” she replied before she gave me a quick cuddle and ran up stairs to her room i just sat back head lent back shocked at what i just did and the fact of that bustards memory's being scolded into my brain wasn't helping but as strange as it sounds i couldn't help but smile and laugh to myself i mean this thing this new part of me helped me protect my sister from the pain she felt but noticing it was almost 1 in the morning i decided id done enough thinking for one day so i walked up stairs to my room shut the door so i wouldn't have to worry about being disturbed i shut down my laptop and just lay there in bed staring into space while the darkness around me consumed me it was peaceful at first untill i closed my eyes then i just saw flash backs of memory's that went my own that i shouldn't be able to see i saw all of all the wrong fucked up things this son of a bitch has done images of this peace of shit beating innocent people half to death bumping drugs into his body but the worst and most screwed up memory was him raping this girl and beating her until she did what he asked the memory was so intense it woke me up my head was burning and my eyes blinded by the vision of this asshole filling my head i couldn't take it i collapsed dropping onto the floor waiting for the visions to stop until it was just me on my knees consumed by darkness and anger anger for everything i saw anger because this asshole was going to get away with everything he's done my hand was clenched so tight that i could barely open my hand again after i tried to relax

i rushed into the bathroom that was connected to my room and i ran the cold water from the sink over my face trying to cool down from the heat it was so intense it felt like i was going to burn up from the heat but the cool water felt amazing against my skin i must of sat there for what seemed like hours splashing cold water over my body trying to stop myself burning up when the burning finally stopped i walked out of the bathroom and looked out of the window and seeing that it was morning i sighed at the fact that i spent the hole night being tormented by that freaks memory's but in the end the flash backs stopped as i sat on the inside of the window ledge watching the sun rise but then a strange thought came into my head as i saw the sun rise over the roof top it made me remember of me and my dad before he died the one thing we always us to do together even though mum hated it always afraid we would fall or break our necks one day but seeing the sun rise reminded me of when me and my dad us to go free running from roof to roof just the feeling of being on top of the world the feeling of being free just running and climbing getting up early to run while the sun came up it made me miss the freedom and the clarity that came with it but why should i miss out if i wanted it i could take it but i didn't have enough time if i wanted to do it it would have to wait till tomorrow because for now i had to sort this money problem out

so i walked over to my dresser and picked up my phone i scrolled through my phone book until i reached the number i was looking for Jason downs see Jason downs was a friend of mine well if you can call him that i met him about a year ago when i was serving at the bar lets just say after a few drinks he would let some things slip that he shouldn't of but it was a good thing for me because Jason from the age of 15 was a street fighter he owned a warehouse where he would bet fighters against other fighters sometimes you didn't even have to be a fighter all you needed was cash and a strong arm and the rules were simple the last man standing takes the money and when ever i needed money badly enough he was the one i called don't get me wrong fighting wasn't exactly a career option for me but i never lost and couldn't every time i got knocked on my ass the only motivation i needed was Amy so i picked up the phone and gave him a call

“hi Jason its Jake listen do you think you could hook me up with a fight tonight”

“hey Jake long time no see and well well straight to the point i like it”

“yeah its been a long time j.

Hentai: [TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon)

[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 0[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 1[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 2[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 3[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 4[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 5[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 6[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 7[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 8[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 9[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 10[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 11[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 12[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 13[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 14[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 15[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 16[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 17[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 18[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 19[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 20[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 21[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 22[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 23[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 24[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 25[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 26[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 27[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 28[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 29[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 30[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 31[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 32[TENNY-LE-TAI (R.Koga/Aru Koga)] Mun Mun Moon (Sailor Moon) 33

(同人誌) [テニーレ隊 ((R・古賀(あーる・こが))] MUNMUN MOON ムンムンムーン (セーラームーン)

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