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When Soan and Genma were done getting the fire pit ready he called to the living area, “Nabiki would you come out here please” Soan called, “Yes father?” Nabiki said as she left the house and walked toward the pond where the fire pit and her father were, “We need you to help us” Soan replied, “Ok father what do you need me to do?” She asked looking around and saw the new pit next to him and Genma walking up behind her with a large six foot long spit, “We need meat Nabiki dear” Genma said with a smile, “Please strip Nabiki” Soan said as Akane and Ranma had come out to find Nabiki and heard what was going on, “Father you cant be planing to roast Nabiki!” Akane said in disbelief. Genma returned with the stabilizer and handed it to Soan who then placed the tip of this mini spit into Nabiki's anus pushing it in hard in one fast motion until it was firmly imbedded in her bowels then he attached it to the larger spit while Genma bent her legs at the knees and bound her ankles to the spit, Nabiki Kabob was now ready for the fire as both Soan and Genma chose and end and picked her up placing her onto the fire that had been burning red hot all the while and was now ready to cook her meat, placing the spit in the “Y” posts at each side they could now sit down and watch the show she would give them while she roasted.

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