(C79) [Animalism (Takagi Kyou)] Trouble 2 [English] [Decensored]


lonelygoth they do not say anything, they look as if they are waiting on
something, they smell the air, and back down, knowing what would happen if they
approach you at this time

lonelygoth: say hello to the little lady

lonelygoth: “they all say hello to you, congradulating you on becoming part of
the pack”

latex xdressing slave blushes as a tear falls down my cheek

lonelygoth sees this tear

lonelygoth: what is wrong samantha

latex xdressing slave rubs her belly looking up at you

latex xdressing slave I'm just happy master

lonelygoth the others seeing you rub your belly walk away, knowing your pregnant
they do not want you at the moment

lonelygoth: im glad that you are happy

lonelygoth: and i think you will be happy with what is going to happen to you
body to prepare for the pregnancy

latex xdressing slave what'll happen master?

lonelygoth: your body will become more feminine looking, you are now growing a
false uterus to house the cubs, and future cubs, you will have breast growth, so
that you can nurse the cubs

lonelygoth: of course you will give birth to the cubs analy, not vaginaly like a
real woman

latex xdressing slave of course, I'm so happy, thank you master (hugs your arm)

lonelygoth: if your going to hug just one part of me, might as well hug me for
real little lady

latex xdressing slave jumps into your arms

lonelygoth: mmmm, i can already tell your body is starting to change, you are
becoming a perfect lady samantha

latex xdressing slave really, whats changed (twists around and tries to see)

lonelygoth: you already are showing, *looking at your belly*, these pregnancies
go faster than regular humans, plus, your not a werewolf, but you will have wolf
like qualities, like a tail and wolf ears from now on too, due to me injuring
you, *running my claws over the scratches on your thighs*

latex xdressing slave what the (touches her ears and tail)

latex xdressing slave I'm not human anymore master

lonelygoth: no you are not, but not a werewolf either, but you look amazingly
cute this way, *run my claw against your cheek, making sure not to damage your
perfect face*

latex xdressing slave sniffs as my nipples show through my rubber bra

lonelygoth: is there something wrong samantha?, do you not like the way you

latex xdressing slave no no I smell something

lonelygoth: oh, tell me what do you smell?

lonelygoth sniffing to see if i can detect it

latex xdressing slave looks around at the other wolves, knowing she smells sex

lonelygoth: hmmm, seems like they are having fun together

latex xdressing slave who?

lonelygoth: all of them it seems like, cant you tell that all of the members are
fucking eachother?

latex xdressing slave now that you meantion it master (my cock is pressing
through my thong)

lonelygoth reaches down, rubbing your crotch

lonelygoth: does that turn you on girl?

latex xdressing slave mmmmmmmmmm yes master, I love hearing it, tell me who I
belong to please

lonelygoth: me, for the most part, however the others can use you, but im the
only one that is able to get you pregnant, you are mine, and will answer only to
me, but i will share you when i feel like it

latex xdressing slave yes master, please (pulls her thong to the side leaning to
a rock) fuck my pussy more

lonelygoth: beg me for it, if i fuck you and cum in you while your pregnant,
*looking at your belly*, you will only become more feminine looking, do you want

latex xdressing slave mmmmmmmm yes master, please fuck me more, make me into
even more of a girl

lonelygoth: how much of a girl do you want to be, the more cum i put into you
the more of a girl you become

latex xdressing slave what'll happen next?

lonelygoth: your body will become that of a female, you will look like a well
developed woman, with more breast growth, only with a cock and balls and no

latex xdressing slave I want that master, humans call them shemales

lonelygoth: mmmm, is that what you want my slave?

latex xdressing slave yes master

lonelygoth standing behind you, my massive cock hard, i push the tip into your

lonelygoth: if i do this, you will only be mine, no one else can have you

latex xdressing slave I'm fine with that master

lonelygoth i thrust deep into your ass, fucking you hard and slow, grabbing your
cock and your small undeveloped breast

latex xdressing slave aaaahh

lonelygoth: oh yess, soo warm, sooo tight, tell me you owns you, who owns this

latex xdressing slave you do master, you own me

lonelygoth i fuck you harder and faster, my cock throbbing in your tight warm
ass, precum leaking from my massive cock

lonelygoth: mmmm, good girl, scream moan, make noise, let the others know what
is happening

latex xdressing slave AAAHHH YES MASTER YES AAHH FUCK ME

lonelygoth the rest of the pack comes out, watching us, watching me use your

lonelygoth: mmmm, look at them, they wanted you, but now they can never touch
your soft skin without my permision

lonelygoth i fuck you harder, and faster, my thighs slapping loudly against you
soft round ass

latex xdressing slave aaaahhhhh twist my nipples

lonelygoth i stroke your cock, squeezing and pinching your tender nipples,
feeling your breast growing as i fuck your tight ass

latex xdressing slave aaahhhhh yes

lonelygoth the rest of the pack begins to play with themselves as they watch me
ravish your petite body

lonelygoth i fuck your ass deep and hard, my throbbing cock deep in your warm
ass, i stroke your cock fast, playing with your growing breast

lonelygoth: mmmm, they seem to like this

latex xdressing slave I know I do master

lonelygoth: tell them who owns you, whos girl are you

latex xdressing slave our alpha is my owner, I'm his pet

lonelygoth they all howl at us, accepting this

lonelygoth i fuck you harder

lonelygoth: cum for you master, show them how a little girl like you cums

latex xdressing slave aaahhhh yes master aaaaahhhh (shoots her load on the rock)

lonelygoth gathers this load in my hand

lonelygoth: eat it like a good girl

latex xdressing slave laps it out of your hand

lonelygoth: swallow, show them how it is done

latex xdressing slave swallows and shows my mouth is empty

lonelygoth: beg for you masters cum, tell me and them how much you want, and

love masters cum

latex xdressing slave master please, complete my transformation, fill me with
your cubs, fill me with the cum I love

lonelygoth i give a final hard thrust, pushing you against the rock, shooting
load after load of cum into you, filling your ass completely with my hot sticky

latex xdressing slave aaaaahhh yesss

lonelygoth i completely fill your ass with cum, i pull out of your ass, i turn
you around, kissing you infront of the rest of the pack

latex xdressing slave curls her leg while kissing you

lonelygoth: *i pull out of the kiss*, mmmm it looks like your transformation is
already finished

latex xdressing slave it feels so right master

lonelygoth looking at your body, my eyes fall on your belly

lonelygoth: looks like they are going to big cubs

latex xdressing slave rubs her belly

latex xdressing slave yes master, our cubs

lonelygoth: they will be like you, half human, half wolf, and as you say

latex xdressing slave really, I couldn't be happier

lonelygoth: you couldnt?

lonelygoth: there isnt anything you would change?

latex xdressing slave not a thing, I'm where I belong

lonelygoth i take you into my arms, holding you against me

lonelygoth: mmm, you know by nature's laws your now my wife aswell as my slave

latex xdressing slave I know thats one reason I couldn't be happier. Full story really

lonelygoth i fuck your ass harder and faster, my throbbing cock leaking precum
into your tight ass, i use this as lube to fuck even faster

lonelygoth: yes, we wolfs can get pretty boys like you pregnant with ease, you
will be carrying my cubs as soon as i cum in your ass

latex xdressing slave oh my god yes master yes yes, make me pregnant

lonelygoth: cum for me first girly, its the only way, be a good girl and cum for
your master

latex xdressing slave yes master I'm.

Hentai: (C79) [Animalism (Takagi Kyou)] Trouble 2 [English] [Decensored]

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(C79) [あにまりずむ (高木喬)] とらぶる 2 [英訳] [無修正]

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